Vejin Male Performance Gel / Cream - Customer Testimonials
These men and women have experienced the best sex of their lives after using the Vejin Male Performance Gel.  Don’t believe us? Don’t have to!  These testimonials speak for themselves!

Look, it was hard for me to believe to, but you’re wasting precious days of your life by not getting this gel.   I never believed I’d rock the bed like a teenager again, but believe me, we were at it all night, and the next day, and the next night. You don’t know you need this, but you do!
Richard K. – Georgia, USA

Holy…. That’s all I got to say.  My anniversary was coming up and I wanted to impress the wife and relive the days of our youth.  I rented the cabin for an extra two days!  The kids would’ve been traumatized by her screams, we know the neighboring cabin was.  They called the cops!  We were blushing like kids caught in the backseat, it was fantastic!
Jimmy L. – Dallas, TX

I’d been so depressed by my performance I hadn’t gone out to the bar or on a date in ages.  My friends finally convinced me to go, but only because I had this in my pocket.  That first night got me back in the game again for good!  It’s a new girl every week, and they’re telling their friends!
Bill M. – Ontario, CA

Girls, you need this for your husbands.  It’s not often a wife gets on here to review the product, but I had to rave about it.  I haven’t been out of the bedroom in two days except to eat and bathe.  I took a moment between rounds to write this, but he’ll be back with the pizza soon… I wonder if I’ll get time to eat it.
Rebecca M. – Hoboken, NJ

Wooooooo Buddy.  Just.. wow.  I haven’t had sex like this since I was in my teens.  It was really depressing for me to, I’ve always watched my health and kept fit, but a new medication I’m on was interfering with my performance.  This stuff wasn’t contraindicated, so I took the dive!  No problems now, the wife is amazed!
Antonio – Los Angeles, CA

There is little that speaks of the vitality of an Italian man as his reputation in the bedroom.  We are known to be consummate lovers and have a reputation to keep up, so you know when I started experiencing problems I panicked.  This amazing little gel  just brought me back into form, thanks vejin!
Livio – Italy

I’m getting on in years, but my libido has never suffered.  My ability to perform, on the other hand, has been wanting of late.  When my wife passed and I noticed that the younger girls in my office were calling me a “Silver Fox”, I knew I needed to stay in the game to enjoy my golden years.  That’s when I came across these.  With Vejin , the old grey stud is *definitely* what he used to be, and more!
Mearle – Washington, USA

I’m part of a polyamorous relationship, and for those of you who don’t know what that means, it means I have multiple partners to please.  I didn’t discover this lifestyle until I was well out of my prime, and felt cheated by my fading ability to perform.  That’s when one of my partners referred this gel  to me, and let me tell you how much it has helped my life.  They’re all happy, and I’m happy.  Livin’ La Vida Poly!
Thomas – UK

I’ve always been a quiet, unassuming man who liked to work in his garden.  My neighbors would never have suspected the lifestyle I lived behind closed doors.  My wife and I have always had an active and voracious sex life, until recently when I started to fade in the erection department, sometimes dying mid coitus.   Vejin  brought it back with a vengeance, and now the neighbors don’t know what to think!
Milton – Nottinghamshire, UK

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