Vejin Male Performance Cream

What is it?  It’s the most amazing and powerful herbal male enhancement gel to come on the market in years.  Years of R&D came together to formulate this powerful pack of herbs that have been proven to enhance your penis size and play a powerful role in improving your sex life.

45 Minutes? Does it really work that fast?
45 minutes is at the outside, in rare instances it may take a bit longer if you aren’t properly hydrated.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before the big game!

It lasts for 3 days? Really?
Absolutely!  The herbs get into your body and stimulate it to restore you to that youthful vitality, it’ll stay with you for 3 days, though you may start noticing a slight lessening of effect on the third day.  Getting a supply will let you reup and continue to enjoy the effects!

Why don’t I need a prescription for Vejin Cream ?
Succinctly, Vejin isn’t a drug. Vejin Performance gel is an herbal enhancement supplement that provides powerful and long lasting effect. As an herbal supplement it doesn’t require a prescription.

Does Vejin Performance gel Help impotence?
There isn’t anything on the market that does a better job of combatting impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction, than Vejin Performance gel.  Full, hard, throbbing erections are what we guarantee and what we deliver.  You’ll never need to look for your solution again.

Is Age a Factor?
Yes, you need to be over 18 to take this gel.  Vejin Performance gel works all the way through retirement, even our oldest clients have reported positive results.

How Safe Is Vejin Performance gel?
Vejin Performance gel has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it’s safe and completely side-effect free for our loyal customers.  After years of being on the market with no reports of any side-effects, we know that this product has been tested and proven to provide only the best male enhancement without regrets.

ls Vejin Performance gel Contraindicated With Any Medication?
There have been no indications that our enhancement gel has any complications with regularly prescribed medications.

How much should I use?
Vejin Pereformance gel is a gel that takes a little time to work but gives you long lasting results. As a result you should provide yourself with at least two hours ahead of time.     There may be some slight variance, and the pill typically takes effect after 45 minutes, but 2 hours gives you time to ensure it’s fully in effect.

I’m afraid my privacy will be impacted in shipping.
We are very aware of the need for discretion and respect of a client’s privacy, so we send our product  in unmarked packages that follow all the necessary guidelines of international shipments.  They’re guaranteed to arrive to you safely, without any indication of what they contain.

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